Visiting Collodi is a journey into a fairy tale. Collodi is located in the province of Pistoia, a small town very close to Pescia.

Here Carlo Lorenzini, the author of the famous children’s book “Pinocchio” was born.

We have the possibility here to visit the ancient village, the “Garzoni Garden” with its Villa and the Pinocchio park.

This village has got an original structure: we can cross it only on foot easily discovering, in that way, the narrow streets and its medieval past.

The Garzoni Villa, also called “The one hundred windows” is of rare beauty. We can visit the Baroque garden, one of the few in Europe that still retains the original structure admiring beautiful stairways, fountains, sculptures.

The Pinocchio park, paradise for children and for adults, wound in a fantastic journey among 21 sculptures made of bronze and steal (we can even get into the whale mouth…) representing the tale’s characters.

We need for this tour half a day. We can continue the tour with a sightseeing in Pisa or Lucca.