The presence of geothermal events was already known by the Etruscans: traces of boric acid have been found in enamels used for the decoration of Etruscan ceramics. In middle ages minerals deposited by Soffioni and Lagoni were used to colour tissues and prepare medicines. A renewed scientific interst in this area began at the end of the 18th century when the boric acid was found in the water of the lagoni. In 1800 Count François Jacques de Larderel laid the foundations to exploit steam for the production of electricity (in 1904 Prince Piero Ginori lighted five lamps using endogenous vapors…). Unforgettable visiting these places including the Museum of geothermia (here you can assist at the opening of a soffione…stay strong!), the geothermal power plant “Valley century”, the covered lagon and the Leopolda square.